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Wood vs Vinyl Windows: Which Should You Choose?

by | Aug 14, 2019 | Windows

window installation allenWooden windows have a rustic charm and timeless appeal that have made them a popular choice through the centuries. In fact, up until about 25 years ago, wooden windows accounted for half of all window sales in the nation. Then vinyl came along with its easy-to-clean surface and low maintenance requirements. Now wood windows make up just 1/5th of all window sales.

When it’s time to remodel your home, which type of window should you choose? Which material performs better for the price? Which gives the greater return on investment when you sell your house? At Springtree Restoration, we believe an informed customer is a happy customer. Here is a detailed comparison of vinyl windows and wood windows for your convenience.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows have come a long way from their early days when they were flimsy and only came in boring white and light tan colors. Now they are made of high-quality PVC and can be found in various shades and textures to suit any home exterior.

The Pros and Cons of Vinyl Windows

Cost: Good. The cost of vinyl windows, even double pane windows, has been on the decline. They typically cost about 25% less than wood windows of a similar size.

Cleaning and Upkeep: Excellent. Vinyl is simple to clean with a clean cloth and some gentle soap. It requires almost no maintenance, making it a hot for homeowners who value convenience over luxury.

Availability: Excellent. Vinyl windows are easily mass-produced, and most manufacturers have them in stock at all times. You’ll never have to wait for them to become available.

Insulation: Fair. They do a decent job at keeping out the cold, but the fact that most vinyl windows are hollow inside means they’re lacking the insulation of other materials.

Appearance: Fair. There is more variety in vinyl windows now than ever before. They come in many different colors, but these will usually cost extra.

Resale Value: Fair. Nobody gets overly excited about vinyl windows, but they won’t hurt your home’s sale price either. They won’t make much of a difference, actually, as they are today’s expected middle-of-the-road window option.

Wood Windows

Wood windows have always been popular because of their beauty and warmth. They are typically made completely from wood, with the exterior covered by fiberglass or aluminum for added protection. Pine and fir are common woods for windows.

The Pros and Cons of Wood Windows

Cost: Fair. The time and effort it takes to procure and manufacture wood windows translates into a higher price tag than vinyl has.

Cleaning and Upkeep: Fair. Wood has to be maintained to keep it looking good and keep it in good condition. There’s no way around the fact that you’ll need to seal and paint wood exterior windows for as long as you have them.

Availability: Fair. There are fewer window manufacturers who make wood windows than those who make vinyl windows. It’s possible that your schedule could be delayed while waiting for wooden windows to be restocked.

Insulation: Excellent. Wood is a warm material, not just in its coloration, but in its insulation as well. It stops creeping coldness in its tracks.

Appearance: Excellent. The beauty of wood cannot be denied. You can paint it to match your décor or apply a stain to bring out the wood’s natural richness and vibrancy.

Resale Value: Excellent. Wood windows can be a selling point for a house. Homebuyers tend to prefer them because of their looks and superior insulation ability.

The Bottom Line

If your home is historic or you simply want to pull out all the stops on your remodel, wood windows would be an excellent choice. If you’re more concerned with coming in under budget and having windows that are easy to care for, vinyl might be right for you. Whichever windows you prefer, Springtree Restoration can get the job done! Call us today to learn more about our home restoration services all across the Dallas-Fort Worth area!



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