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Why Heavy Rain Can Be a Problem for Your Roof

by | Jan 10, 2020 | Blog, Roof Tips, Roofing

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After a dry and suffocating summer, residents all over northern Texas, including the Dallas / Fort Worth area, are probably excited to have heavy rain returning. This shift in weather typically indicates cooler months of the year. At the same time, heavy rainfall can also cause headaches and discomfort for homeowners who may not be ready to face the challenges associated with water leakage into their roof systems. At Springtree Restoration in Frisco, TX, our team of professional roofing contractors has helped residents throughout the DFW Metroplex with a wide variety of roofing related concerns including damage caused by heavy rainfall.

Imagine for a moment that you are comfortable eating dinner, but rainfall suddenly kicks into high gear and you see a drop of water from the ceiling. The first and foremost thing in a situation like this is trying not to panic. The fact is that many homeowners and businesses only realize that their roofs need to be repaired during or immediately after a violent storm.

Although it is easy to get frustrated and upset when a situation like this happens, the first thing to focus on is working to limit leaks and make a concerted effort to prevent water from covering your floor or affecting your belongings, especially electronics. A good way to deal with a leak is to respond quickly with buckets or pots and pans. The worst thing you can do is stop the leak in the ceiling because the water will just start trying to find another place to escape.

Reach out to a Professional Contractor Right Away

If rain has caused leaks in your ceiling, it is important to understand that the actual water source is somewhere in your roof system and in most cases, water does not flow directly through the main structure to the area where your ceiling is leaking. Instead of trying to find out the cause of the leak, the best and most effective way is to contact our team so we can send specialists to assess the situation and help you guard the road.

As a family-run company with years of experience in handling all types of roof problems in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area, our team of experts has the knowledge to inspect a roof system and determine exactly where a leak has occurred. This means that the time and cost of repair work are minimized and the risk of additional leakage in your home or your company can be reduced.

Best Ways to Avoid Storm Damage

It’s easy for most people to forget the state of their roofing system until a leak occurs and water flows into the structure. However, some effective precautions can be taken to ensure that your interior stays dry, your belongings are protected, and most importantly, that your roof continues to function properly.

To help our readers and customers get a better idea of how to protect their homes and businesses even during the heaviest rains of the year, we decided to spend some time going over some of the best preventative actions, including:

  • Proper Maintenance of Gutters and Downspouts – This may not be the most pleasant job, but it is still an important part of regular roof maintenance. If your home or business is close to tall trees, it is very important to clean the gutters and get rid of debris regularly. As soon as the system is blocked, water can start to overflow. Because of the weight and strain of the water, this can cause leaks or even damage your gutters.
  • Inspect Vents and Flashing – If you feel confident about climbing onto your roof, checking various systems, especially all openings and flashing regularly is an important part of ensuring that your roof is functioning as it should. Any problems with this aspect of the roof can quickly cause leaks and other damage, which will result in costly repairs and problems once storm season picks up.
  • Stick to a Regular Inspection Routine – A routine inspection of your roof by an experienced professional is the best way to ensure that your home or business is safe and well prepared for all weather events, especially heavy rain. In addition to the peace of mind of asking someone to inspect your roof carefully, you can also be notified of problems or concerns as early as possible so that you can fix them at a lower cost than waiting for them to become an emergency.

Work with Springtree Restoration in Frisco, TX

If you have problems with heavy rain or want to learn more about the other services we offer, please contact us immediately so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your roof is in good hands. Our team of experienced roofing contractors is always ready to help residents of the Dallas / Fort Worth, TX area with any roofing problems they might be dealing with!

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