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Tips for Making Your Whole Home Winter-Ready

by | Dec 1, 2019 | Blog, Roof Inspection and Quality Control, Windows

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Every time the seasons change and the temperatures drop again, it’s time for an indoor and outdoor overhaul. Every house needs some TLC, and what better time than before the freezing outdoor temperatures of December-February to get your home ready for action? Here’s how to make your home ready for the new season and keep cozy when you’re indoors – even if the weather outside is frightful.

Outside Tips

Clean Out Your Gutters

Leaf debris falling into your gutters needs to be cleaned out. If you don’t have a leaf guard yet, install one, or contact Springtree Restoration to do it for you! Make sure to clear your downspouts and spray water in it when it’s warm outside.

Repair Any Loose Shingles

Ice and moisture can damage your shingles, so it’s best to keep them in good repair. Check to see if they’re nailed on properly and hire a professional roofing repair or restoration company if you find any damage.

Turn Off Outside Faucets

Frozen pipes and hoses are a pain to deal with and can lead to further damage. Turn off your exterior faucet and hose so you can prevent your pipes from bursting.

Shield Young Plants

Remember – winter frost is coming! If some of your plants are young and tender, you may want to shield them with a plastic sheet or blanket every night. If using plastic, remove the cover before the sunlight hits your plant or your plant will bake under the plastic.

Add Mulch

You can protect your perennial plants from cold, harsh weather conditions just by adding mulch to your yard. Adding just 2-4 inches of mulch will cover up the tops of your plants and help hold in warmth around them. If you have no mulch, hay, leaves, and straw work well.

Inside Tips

Reverse the Direction of Ceiling Fans

Guess what? When the heat rises in the room, the best way to bring it back down to the surface level is through ceiling fans! An unexpected house hack during the winter is turning on ceiling fans and letting the heat come back down to make the atmosphere warm and toasty. Just make sure you spin the fan clockwise in winter (pushing air down), and counterclockwise in the summer.

Seal Any Window Gaps

You can keep air from coming into your home by putting caulk all around the gaps of it and your windowsill. At Springtree Restoration, we can install double-paned windows that help keep the cold air out and the warm air in.

Hang Window Drapes

If you hang large, thick, thermal window treatments on your windows, you can really keep the draft out of your home. They act as an effective layer of insulation and make your home look more inviting.

Clean the Chimney

Take a flashlight and examine the inside of your fireplace and chimney. If you see any cracks or soot, call in the professionals to help with cleaning and repairs.

Change Your Bedding

Sometimes, the best thing you can do to stay consistently warm in winter is to change your bedding. Choosing thick, warm fabrics like knits and flannels will help you make the bed the way you want it, warm and cozy to your heart’s content.

Have an Inspection

Your home could be losing heat due to poor weather-stripping, cracks and gaps, or outdated doors, windows, and roof insulation. Our team will come to your home and discover all the ways it can be made warmer and more energy-efficient.

Springtree Restoration: Make Your House Winter-Ready Today

Springtree Restoration is the award-winning Dallas-based restoration, roofing, and renovation company that will winter-proof your house in no time. With offices in Allen, Frisco, and Gainesville Texas, Springtree does the best quality work on every job. Springtree’s trusted team of professionals can be relied upon for the best quality care and attention every step of the way, so you can rest easy knowing your projects will be complete.

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