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The Benefits of Having New Windows Installed

by Jun 19, 2019Windows0 comments

Well-maintained windows keep our homes safe and comfortable, but they don’t last forever. If your windows are outdated, broken, ill-fitting in their frames, or simply not performing as well as you’d like, call Springtree Restoration today! We install windows throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and we always make sure they are high-quality and properly sealed to keep out the summer’s heat.

There are several benefits of having new windows installed. Have a look at our handy list to see what a new window installation could do for your home.


Ease of Maintenance

If your home has old windows with wooden or aluminum frames, they are probably not living up to their potential. Wooden window frames need frequent maintenance and resurfacing to avoid water damage and wood rot.

Aluminum frames require very little maintenance, but they aren’t as good at insulating the window from the outdoor temperatures. Insulation is important for reducing your energy usage and electricity bill.

Modern vinyl windows combine low maintenance requirements with superior insulation, so they are a popular residential upgrade. All they need is a quick clean and good sealing, and they will provide a long-lasting solution to keep you comfortable in all kinds of weather.


Enhanced Performance

In the past, windows suffered from heavy condensation and water damage, and did little to block out noises and extreme temperatures. Not anymore! New windows are designed with performance in mind, and they are more resilient than ever.

Double-paned and even triple-paned windows are available to provide the maximum protection from cold, heat, and noise pollution. High-performance windows create warmer interior glass surfaces, reducing frost and condensation that can damage the structure over time.


Added Home Value

New windows are a selling point when you decide to put your home on the market, especially if you have high-performance or energy efficient models. The National Association of Realtors estimates that new windows can bring homeowners a 78% return on investment upon resale.

To maximize the added value of new windows on a North Texas home, you will want to look for models that combine attractive style with protection from heat and cold. Choose Energy Star certified windows to help maintain your home’s desired temperature without increasing your energy bill.

Increased Home Safety

Windows provide healthy natural light and lovely views, but they also carry some risks. Because they are made of glass, they can easily be broken by hail, flying debris, or even intruders. Broken glass is a dangerous hazard for your family and your pets.

You can find quality windows and doors made with safety in mind. Windows made from tempered glass are less likely to cause injuries because they are designed to shatter into chunks rather than cracking into sharp edges. You can also get laminated glass windows. These windows have a polymer layer that holds the pieces of glass together in the event of breakage. This measure protects your home from intruders and protects you and your family from lacerations.


Springtree Restoration: Your New Window Installers in DFW

With summer bearing down on North Texas, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your windows for better thermal performance. No matter how many windows you have or how big or small they are, Springtree Restoration can handle the job. Our talented team works hard to provide the very best in skilled service and customer satisfaction.

It is both our duty and our privilege to help members of our community be as comfortable as possible in their own homes. Call us today for a free and accurate estimate for new window installation!

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