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Signs of a Leaky Roof All Homeowners Should Know

by | Feb 7, 2020 | Blog, Roofing, Storm Damage Repair

April will be here very soon, and it will bring its showers along with it. Increased rain means increased chances of water damage happening to your home. Although it may be hard to believe, some water damage occurs without the visible presence of a full-on leak. We are going to share with you some signs that your roof might have a leak in it. If you live in DFW and are worried your roof is unprepared for the impending rainy weather, award-winning Springtree Restoration can get that fixed right up! Give us a call today to schedule a roof inspection and see if your roof is up to the demands of North Texas’s most rainy season.

Visible Water Staining

Leaks can first show up on your interior walls or ceilings, and they will form visible puddles over time. Often times, these buildups of water will leave a stain that appears to be a light beige, brown or yellow color. They can occur on your ceiling, around crown molding or in any corner of a room. Look for discoloration or the appearance of mold on paint, as these can be dead giveaways of a hidden leak.

Bubbles Forming

If you notice a once smooth exterior wall has now developed a hump, there could be a leak in your roof. On the outside of the home, bubbles can form along your walls due to breaks in a gutter or erosion on the edges of your roof. Water will begin hitting your walls directly, causing damage to their integrity. This can also encourage the growth of mold on the outside of your home, which is of course extremely unsightly and a potential health hazard.

Missing Shingles and Asphalt

One telltale sign that your roof is about ready to spring a leak is the loss of materials. Gravel and asphalt washing down your gutters or falling onto the floor is a sign that your roof’s integrity is not what it once was. Asphalt is important because it acts as an additional barrier and cement between the shingles and the under layers of a roof. The absence of entire shingles leaves parts exposed to the elements and can further the loss of materials during intense bouts of wind or rain. Have you noticed debris falling from your roof? Springtree Restoration’s expert team offers free roof inspections and consultations to precisely diagnose what your roof is in need of in order to service it accordingly.

Springtree Restoration: Stopping Leaks in DFW Roofs

Aside from water falling through your ceiling, there are several indications that your roof may be compromised, and it is best to know what to look for before a downpour floods your home! Bubbling exteriors, discolored ceilings and missing pieces are all things that could be warning you of a potentially leaky roof. Even if it does not seem like a big issue, it can turn ugly, fast. DFW homeowners have Springtree Restoration to turn to when they suspect a leak. Springtree offers free inspections, residential renovations and storm damage restoration. Give Springtree a call at (972) 934-4461 or visit our website to learn more about our products and services. We keep North Texas homes safe and ready for all types of weather, all year long.

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