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Springtree Restoration provides gutter repairs and replacements of all kinds. We offer conventional, affordable gutters as well as copper and other metals. We partner with Senox Gutters and Norandex in providing clients with rainware of the highest standard, and use only the best available products on the market today. Springtree Restoration serves multiple North DFW areas in Texas, which include:

  • Allen
  • Wylie
  • Plano
  • Frisco
  • Prosper
  • Gainesville

You can contact someone from our office to determine if your location is within our service area. Gutter repairs and replacements are of vital importance to every home and property, and we’ve compiled five reasons why your home needs gutters.

1. Prevent Erosion

Homes built according to national home building codes are situated on a slight slope, guiding runoff away from the foundation. If water or rain shedding off of your roof is allowed (due to the absence of gutters), issues will arise—such as massive erosion. The water falling down to the ground around the home actually washes away the surrounding soil, each time it rains. When this happens, the carefully sloped landscape wears down and allows the water runoff to flow towards the home instead of away from it—which foreshadows a bad picture for the house.

Additionally, erosion causes the foundation of the house to settle, which will lead to uneven floors. If this goes unresolved, cracked walls will begin appearing throughout the house—including chimneys. Erosion damage not only decreases the value of the house, but the overall safety and well-being of the residents inside may be questioned.

2. Protect Garden Beds

Whether floral or garden, flower beds and shrubs are popular among North Texas homes. Not only do they present an aesthetically appealing house, but they assist in protecting it. Believe it or not, they act as a windbreaker in guarding against harsh weather, such as a blustery winter.

However, a house without gutters puts garden beds in danger. Soil erosion, over time, will completely destroy the brush and wash away the garden. Even if the erosion itself is considered minimal, the large puddles of water and intense showers of rainfall will drown the plants. Plants drown when the roots’ surroundings consist of too much water, and not enough carbon dioxide to “breathe.” If the plant is over-watered and doesn’t have any room for air pockets, the roots will suffocate and the plant will drown. Additionally, if the water turns to snow or ice during exceptionally cold weather, it will form into solid sheets of ice around your plants that will kill them—even evergreen shrubs.

3. Protect the Siding

Rainwater shedding off your roof carries leaves, dirt, particles, and tiny asphalt granules down the siding. When this happens, unsightly staining occurs. This results in—and we all recognize it—that dreary, unkempt look. This not only impacts curb appeal, but ultimately reduces the value of the house and property. However, the negative effects don’t only include value decrease and aesthetics.

In fact, over time, the streams of rainwater will start rotting the siding—especially if it’s made of wood. Not only are these effects unsightly, but they create holes throughout the house; inviting pests and rodents. Over time, the structural integrity of the house is impacted and will require repairs. These repairs are not only difficult, but extremely expensive.

4. Add Beauty to Home Exterior

Gutters aren’t often thought of as a pretty aspect of a house. In fact, they’re often neglected and forgotten, due to their monotone nature. However, you don’t need to mindlessly order and install new gutters just for the sake of it—you can find beautiful gutters that compliment the house. Gutters that can either match the house, camouflage, or be something entirely different. Ultimately, the decision is yours. Springtree Restoration shows clients the range of options for installing gutters, which can add to the aesthetic appeal of the house.

This is true especially with today’s housing developments. There are a plethora of gutter materials available to choose from, which include vinyl gutters that come in various colors. Not only do the styles come in many options, but they’re affordable. Copper gutters, on the other hand, are expensive—but extremely beautiful. This shiny, classy metal does not erode or receive weather damage.

In order to increase value, property appeal, and keep healthy gutters, you must invest in their maintenance. Gutter guards keep leaves away, and contribute to a longer life span and healthier house. Without the gutter guards, maintenance is possibly by regularly cleaning the gutters to prevent buildup.


5. Preserve Roofing Shingles

Believe it or not, having gutters preserves the life span of the roof. When gutters are decluttered and free, rainwater freely flows through. Without them, water can build up beneath the roof structure, which damages the roofing material. When this happens, leaks—and other, potentially worse issues—will arise.

Our Gutter Warranty


  • Lifetime Warranty Against Rust
  • 50 Year Warranty Chipping, Peeling and Blistering
  • 5- Year Workmanship Warranty

For more information on gutters and Springtree Restoration’s services, call us and someone from our office will be happy to assist you. You can also view the warranty (PDF) here. We provide gutter repairs and replacements of all kinds for all properties, throughout the far North Dallas area.

Our Gutter Warranty

  • Lifetime Warranty Against Rust
  • 50 Year Warranty Chipping, Peeling and Blistering
  • 5 Year Workmanship Warranty
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