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How To Find a Roofer Near Me

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Uncategorized

When you look for Roofers Near Me online, you get a mixed bag of results. That’s too bad because whether its a roof repair or replacement job, you need a local roofer you can trust.

Tips For Finding ‘Roofers Near Me’

The best roofers share a few common traits. Here is how to spot them.


Has the roofing company taken the time to create a brand? Are the trucks marked? Are they marked in a permanent way or with just a magnet they can easily slap on or take off? Does the staff were hats and shirts with logos? As silly as it may sound, these kinds of things show commitment. Anyone with a white truck can present themselves as a roofing company, but will they do a good job and be around to address issues once your new roof is installed? A roofing company that has invested time and money making a name for themselves plans to be around for a while. They are also more likely to do what is needed to protect their good name.

Good References

A lot of roofing companies chase reviews, so you can’t  believe 100% of what you read online. A much better approach is to simply ask the roofing company: “can you give me a list of roofs near me that you repaired or replaced?” Reputable roofing companies will gladly give you a few addresses and phone numbers of homeowners near you so you can see their work and get feedback on the customers’ experience.

Strong Community Involvement

A reputable roofing company looks for ways to give back to the communities they serve. That’s why you will find high quality roofers volunteering for local charities, participating in Chamber events, and encouraging their staff to do the same.

Fixed Local Presence

Make sure the roofing company you choose has an actual office in North Texas. Less established roofing companies try operating out of their trucks. That’s a sure sign they don’t have the support they need to provide good quality control or support after the sale. A company with an actual permanent office – in North Texas – means they have long term commitment to your area and have no plans to pull stakes and run as soon as they’re done “working the storm.”

Of course, Springtree Restoration meet the above criteria, so If you found us by searching for “roofers near me,” we hope you will pick up the phone and call us or request a free roofing quote online. And if you happen to be near our office in Allen, Texas or Gainesville, Texas, we hope you will drop by and give us a holler. We will be here!

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