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Roof Ventilation: Does Your Home Need It?

by Apr 28, 2019Roof Tips0 comments

There’s a Problem

A significant number of homes in the United States do not have proper roof ventilation. Why does it matter? Well, here’s why. Ventilation is the process of creating airflow for several purposes. Proper roof ventilation can extend the life of your roof, reduce the temperature inside your home, and reduce energy cost. We know a significant number of homeowners would be happy about a lower energy bill and not to mention, your home will be much better off.

Types of Ventilation

Of course, many factors come into play when considering how you should go about roof ventilation. All homes have a unique structure and some require more attention than others. So, climate, roof designs, and ceiling designs should be evaluated when venting your roof.

Intake and exhausts vents are the two types of ventilation. Intake vents are located at the edges of the roof and can be difficult to notice. There are a number of pathways where they can be installed along your roof. These pathways are the drip edge, under the shingles, or under the soffit. These vents collaborate with the ridge vents to allow cool air to flow freely through attic space.

On the other hand, exhaust vents can be more complex. Typically, exhaust vents that are mounted to the outside of your roof are either wind turbines, power attic ventilators, or roof louvers. Electricity is not required for roof and gable louvers to function. However, attic ventilators do require a power source. They are like the life of the party. They have to be connected.


The Benefits

There are several benefits of having roof ventilation. The most obvious one is preserving the life of your roof. Roof ventilation is similar to the process of gas and a car. If you a full tank, you can travel a further distance than you could with a quarter of a tank. Similarly, proper ventilation can help your roof go strong for many years. The roof can withstand mild and severe weather conditions when it is ventilated. The hot air flows freely in the Summer, for proper ventilation prevents heat buildup in your attic. We all know how hot it can get during this time of the year. 100 degrees. Sometimes 115 degrees. Just brutal.

As mentioned earlier, strong ventilation can reduce your electricity bill. No more $400 bills. Sounds amazing. A roof that is ventilated properly allows heat to escape. Why is this important? This process ultimately reduces the effort that your air conditioner has to put forth. Let your AC take a short break. It gets exhausted too. The less it is running, the lower your electric bill will be. Simple. 

Next Steps

Not sure if your home needs roof ventilation? Call a professional and have them come check it out for you. Summertime is around the corner. Warmer temperatures are upon us. Go ahead and take care of this priority while it’s still cool. Professionals are one call away to assist you.

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