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Recovering from Tornado Damage in North Texas

by | Jan 11, 2020 | Blog, Roofing, Storm Damage Repair

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In late October, three tornadoes crossed through the Dallas area, leaving thousands without power, and in some cases, without a roof over their heads. The strongest tornado of the group exhibited sustained winds of 140 mph or more and left a wide track of damaged houses and destroyed property. The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, declared disaster conditions in 15 counties in northern Texas, including Dallas, Collin, and Tarrant counties. A less powerful tornado struck Rowlett and produced wind speeds of up to 100 mph. At Springtree Restoration, in Allen, TX our team of experienced roofing contractors has spent years working with residents throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth, TX area on a wide variety of roofing related projects including storm repair. 

Nobody enjoys dealing with extreme weather conditions, and tornadoes especially can be scary. They can also cause significant damage to any structure. If your home or business was damaged during the recent tornados, then you’re likely already searching for ways to deal with the problem. One of the best options available in this type of situation is to reach out to a skilled roofing contractor you can count on. Our locally owned and operated company gives you access to the high-quality, attentive, up-to-date and trustworthy tornado damage repair services you need to make sure your property is taken care of the right way. The combination of heavy rain, hail, and strong winds can potentially cause damage on their own but will be especially dangerous when a tornado is involved. The level of damage depends on the strength of the storm and the construction of your home. However, you can almost always expect some damage from a tornado. 

Start By Inspecting Your Home

For most people, the fact that their roof is still on top of their home or business will be a sign of relief. At the same time, that does not immediately mean that no damage was caused during the storm. If you’ve had concerns about the condition of your home, then it is probably a good idea to start with a professional inspection of the area to make sure there are not any small issues that could turn into bigger problems. 

Weather-related damage isn’t usually too subtle. A roofing system that’s devoid of shingles may be the victim of tornado destruction. If you no longer see certain shingles that used to be present, then tornado damage could be the immediate culprit. Other hints to be on the lookout for are roof shingle splitting, debris hanging out on the deck of your roofing system and downspout granule collection. Tornados tend to negatively affect roofing systems. If you notice major issues that involve the condition of your roofing system, then you will want to deal with them as quickly as possible. We can provide you with a tornado damage repair service that covers all of the bases. Our damage repair services will help you forget a problem existed in the first place. 

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If your home or business was in the path of the recent tornado that passed through the Dallas area, then the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether or not your roofing system has experienced damage which may become a larger problem over time. Instead of waiting for a leak to appear somewhere inside, your best option is to have your property inspected thoroughly by an experienced professional. With years of experience and a dedication to providing high-quality service, our team of roofing professionals at Springtree Restoration is always ready to work with customers throughout the DFW Metroplex on a wide variety of roofing projects including inspections and repairs following a major storm. To find out more about our services, or to get started on your own repair project, be sure to contact us right away!

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