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St. Philip’s Episcopal Church

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St. Philip’s Episcopal Church

Letter from the Church to Springtree

     Our preschool had been suffering from roof leaks since the building was constructed in 2006. Over the years, small patches were done to the roof, but it never stopped the leaks.

     In February of 2015 we filed an insurance claim for hail damage to the roof. The claim was for damage to St. Philip’s Hall and our Preschool Education Building. The roofing company we were working with suggested that both roofs needed a full replacement. The insurance company paid us approximately $32,000 to repair the roofs, but denied us a full roof replacement.  St. Philip’s paid approximately $6,300 to a public adjuster to mediate the claim and $29,500 to the roofing company for the roof repairs. Five months later, a mediation umpire sided with the insurance company stating that a full roof replacement was not necessary.

     During October 2015, heavy rains caused the preschool roof to leak so badly that I was vacuuming 10-20 gallons of water from the carpet.  I called PuroClean to help us handle the interior water damage. I asked PuroClean of Frisco for another recommendation for a roofer. PuroClean and I called AJ Huckaby at Springtree Restoration Roofing.  AJ met with me on the roof multiple times with teams of roofing specialists.  Infrared cameras were used to find water damage, and AJ provided a temporary patch that stopped the major leaks. Our insurance company stated they would not pay for further roof repairs, but did pay for the interior water damage. At this point the church and school were at a loss on how we were going to fix this roof. We did not have the money to cover the repair cost.

      AJ Huckaby said that Nick Feebo at ITW Sealants was willing to donate the material needed to fix our roof and The North Texas Roofing Contractors Association agreed to find the labor for us. A month later, Ernest Arnesen from Energy Roofing donated the labor required to fix the roof.  The work started on March 14th 2016 and was completed in a week with little disruption to the school.

     We at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church and Preschool are forever grateful to PuroClean of Frisco, AJ Huckaby with Springtree Restoration, Nick Feebo with ITW Sealants, and Ernest Arnesen with Energy Roofing for putting an end to this struggle.  We would highly recommend any of these companies to anyone who should need their services.


Erika Shadow

Facilities Manager

St. Philip’s Episcopal Church

NTRCA Members Join Forces to help local Church

ER Systems, Energy Roofing Solutions and Springtree Restoration, who are all members of the North Texas Roofing Contractors Association (NTRCA), joined forces to donate a new roof to St. Philip’s Episcopal Preschool in Frisco this spring, just in time before hail assaulted the area. The school’s roof had already taken a beating from last year’s hail storms, but that wasn’t the worst part: Another company had cut out sections of the roof to provide samples as part of an insurance arbitration process and had not properly sealed it.

Springtree Restoration owner AJ Huckaby heard about the preschool’s need and wanted to help. His company donated labor to temporarily fix the problem areas, but it was evident that the entire building needed a new roof. Huckaby consulted with multiple manufacturers, and ER Systems assessed the roof and decided to donate the needed roofing materials. Energy Roofing Solutions also jumped to action by donating its services to install the new roof mid-April.

Dry, safe and grateful, the preschool teachers and students presented handmade thank you cards to the companies involved and honored the team with a luncheon.

Karen Vermaire Fox, NTRCA’s executive director, is full of gratitude for the companies as well.

“Community service is a major part of NTRCA’s mission, and we are proud to have members like Springtree Restoration, ER Systems and Energy Roofing Solutions.” –mjm

June 15th, 2017

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