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How Your Roof Can Affect Your Home’s Heating and Cooling

by | Jan 6, 2020 | Blog, Roof Tips, Roofing

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One of the most challenging aspects of life in Texas is the suffocating summer, and many long-time residents would agree that the cold winter months are sometimes just as difficult. Nobody wants to spend more than they need to on electricity bills to keep their homes at a comfortable temperature. At the same time, many people are not aware of the effect that their roof has on the temperature of their homes. At Springtree Restoration in Allen, TX our team of experienced roofing contractors has spent years working with residents of the DFW Metroplex to help them deal with a wide variety of roofing related projects, and we know just how big of an impact a roofing system can have on a home’s energy efficiency.

There are several factors associated with roof installations that can affect how much heat is absorbed or reflected. Because a roof is busy protecting everything underneath it all year round, the same material that makes it cool in summer can also make winter more difficult. To provide Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas residents with a better understanding of how certain aspects of the roof can directly affect heating and air conditioning, our team has put together several important factors to consider.

Roofing Materials Are Important

The material used to build your roof can directly affect the level of heat absorption inside your home. Asphalt roofs can absorb, for example up to 70% of the light hitting the roof surface, and this number does not change even if lighter or darker shingles have been installed. On the other hand, a metal roof is very reflective. This means that most of the light that hits the roof is diverted and your home can stay at a more appropriate temperature even on the hottest summer days. Besides the two most common types of materials, there are many other materials from concrete to tile and so on. Each material offers a different absorption rate for light and heat and it is always good to know the specific energy efficiency of the material before installing it in a new home.

The Color of Your Roof Makes a Difference

As many homeowners already know, the color of your roof is important. The color of the roof can directly affect the amount of heat absorbed in the attic or other upper areas of your home. Studies show that wood structures directly under dark roofs exposed to direct sunlight are consistently 10 to 15 degrees hotter than the same material under light roofs.

As anyone who has worn a dark shirt on a sunny Texas day could tell you, dark colors absorb more light. If your roof is a darker color, it can mean that more heat is retained on the surface and transferred to the structure or space below. Because lighter colors are more reflective, this heat will bounce off and make those areas cooler.

Construction Methods Matter

Regardless of the type of roofing material used for a home or building, proper construction and ventilation methods are still very important for maintaining a balanced temperature level. Every experienced roofer will agree that effective roof ventilation is one of the best ways to keep your home cool on the hottest summer days. With the right design, effective insulation, and proper ventilation planning, excess heat can be effectively removed from the roof and ceiling and should not be a problem for the other areas below. Good ventilation is very important because over time it prevents overheating from damaging roofing materials, especially tiles.

Trust Springtree Restoration in Allen, TX to Make the Right Choice

It is always important to choose a roof design that suits the overall aesthetic and expectations of your home or business. While certain aspects of the roof, such as material choices, color choices, and more, can affect the temperature inside, an experienced roof contractor would be able to reduce this problem with smart construction methods and proper planning.

If you want to make changes to your roof or want an expert opinion on how to solve temperature problems in your home or business, contact Springtree Restoration today. We are always ready to help our North Texas customers with all their roofing problems!


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