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How to Safely Hang Holiday Lights from Your Roof

by | Nov 20, 2019 | Blog, Roof Tips, Roofing

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Whether the weather outside is “frightful” or not, you can learn a few safety tips that will make hanging your holiday lights a whole lot easier this Christmas season. Outdoor lights give your home the perfect holiday “glow”, making it easy to buy a few too many lights and neglect the concerns of ladder safety, correct placement, and not slipping while you’re up on the roof.

The Basics of Ladder Safety

The first and most obvious way to protect yourself is to ensure that you give proper attention to the ladder you use. Make sure you wear non-slip shoes before even stepping foot on the first rung. Wet ladders can cause severe falls and even death, and leather soles are to be avoided.

Inspect the ladder first to make sure it doesn’t have any loose parts or missing pieces. Better to borrow a ladder from a neighbor than settle for anything less. When climbing the ladder, make sure that you face it and place both hands on the rungs with one foot on the ladder, climbing slowly and avoiding quick movements.

Light Hanging 101

Knowing that you have the ladder right, you can proceed to light-hanging right away. Light clips are one way of making Christmas light hanging easy and non-damaging. You could use light clips to hang lights securely from the gutter, which, as many don’t know, is the best and most effective way to hang lights on the exterior of your roof.

Don’t hang lights from the shingles of your roof. This will damage them. Also, avoid stapling any lights onto your shingles. The best and simplest way you can hang your lights is to put roof clips onto the gutters. Don’t take off the lights when removing them, since when you pull off your clips, you could do harm to your gutters as well.

Electrical Safety

Another thing to consider is the electrical hazards when hanging your Christmas lights. Three strings should never be brought together, and it’s important to never use any damaged lights.

Use GFCI outlets to prevent injury and shock. A strip surge protector should suffice for your indoor power source, but not with an excessive amount of holiday lights. Also, make sure your indoor power extension cords aren’t a hazard for tripping in the home.

Check for Ice, Cables, and More

Safety should come first this holiday season. Make sure you also check the areas around you for ice before you walk on them or place your ladder on them for support. When you lay cables, just make sure they’re protected. Extension cables meant for the interior should never be placed outside. 

Hanging Christmas lights could be a fun experience that the whole family can enjoy, transforming your home into a festive celebration. Eliminate the danger from hanging your Christmas lights by following the precautions listed above and use your Christmas lights to add a touch of brilliance and holiday magic.

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