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How to Keep Pests Out of Your Roof

by | Jul 8, 2019 | Roof Tips

roofing dfwYour roof is the structure that keeps your family safe, warm, and protected from creepy critters. But what happens when pests start making their homes in your roof or attic? They can cause structural damage, noise and odors, and even introduce bacteria and disease into your home. If you suspect that you have some unwanted guests in your roof or attic, call Springtree Restoration to come repair the damage they’ve done and inspect your roof for points of entry.

Know the Signs of Infestation

Insects and other pests leave visible signs of their presence. Once you know what to look for, it’s easy to tell if you’ve got unwanted pests in your home or attic.

Small mammals like rats, squirrels and mice leave droppings wherever they go. Small pellets of feces are an obvious sign that rodents are near. Where there is feces, there is also urine. You might not detect a smell, but practice safety by gloving up and wearing a face mask before you poke around in areas where rodents have been. Their droppings can contain harmful bacteria that irritate the airways.

Rodents and insects can chew on wooden structures. Look for chewed edges, small punctures, and holes or tunnels bored into the wood. Carpenter ants leave smooth tunnels in woodwork, while termites chew and spit out the wood. This leaves behind a trail of chewed wood that is a telltale sign of their presence.

Protect Your Roof from Pests

Here are some tips for keeping pests out of your home and back in nature where they belong.

  • Seal it Tight. Bugs and small animals cannot get into your roof if it’s properly sealed. Sometimes roof shingles or flashing will come loose, giving critters a way to tunnel in. If you have missing shingles or roofing tiles, they need to be replaced as soon as possible and the underlying layers should be checked for damage.
  • Clean Your Gutters. When gutters aren’t cleaned regularly, they can become a home for all kinds of creatures. You could get bugs, squirrels, roof rats, or even birds’ nests in them. Because backed-up gutters are also a common cause of leaky roofs, you’ll definitely want to make sure they are kept clear of debris. If you need help reaching them or if you see that they need repairs, call in a pro like Springtree to make your gutters like new again.
  • Use Deterrents. Once you’ve identified the point of entry and gotten it sealed up, you can use humane deterrents to keep animals away. A plastic owl can be used to scare birds away from your roof. The red fox is a natural predator of squirrels, so spraying red fox urine around your roof will keep them from looking for ways inside.
  • Trim Back Foliage. Tree branches that touch or overhang your roof could act as a bridge for carpenter ants and other wood-destroying insects. To keep your roof protected, trim back any foliage that touches your home. Put several inches between your house and any tall bushes or ornamental trees.

Call Springtree Restoration for Your Roof Repair Needs

Nobody wants to host a family of pests in their home. With Springtree on your side, you won’t have to. Call us today for a free roof inspection and a straightforward estimate for roof repairs!

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