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Does your home need repairs that you’ve been putting off because you simply don’t have enough money to cover them? Insurance helps, but what if you’re too strapped right now to pay the deductible? Allowing your home or roof to stay damaged only paves the way for further, more expensive problems in the future. Your best option is to take advantage of the financing available through Springtree Restoration’s partnership with Hearth and Payzer.

Hearth and Payzer provide home renovation loans that you can use to get your roof repaired, remodel your kitchen or bathroom, fix exterior damages, and much more. Their service has helped countless homeowners get the repairs they need without having to scrape up a large upfront payment. Most homeowners can’t afford to pay cash for their home repairs. Many families struggle to come up with enough cash to meet their insurance deductible. With Hearth and Payzer, you can reduce a costly project into affordable monthly payments.

How to Finance Your Repairs

Here’s how it works:

First, give Springtree a call to come out and evaluate your home’s condition. Our experienced team can identify damage, even if it’s not readily visible to a casual observer. We document every damaged area and explain the repairs that are needed. Then we present you with a written estimate for the project.

Once we have a price, we can start the financing process. Our financing partners make it easy for us to get you approved for a loan on the spot or over the phone. You’ll receive instant offers from lenders who want to help you get your house back in good shape. You can view the rates and pick the plan you like best. And just like that, your project is ready to begin!

Springtree is On Your Side

We understand construction work can be costly. A great deal of time, labor, and material investments must be made before and during a project. But if you hire the cheapest contractor you can find, you’ll get what you pay for; they often don’t have the skill, experience, or high-quality products that a trusted company like Springtree brings to the table.

Still, we don’t believe anyone in North Texas should have to live in a damaged home because repairs are out of their financial reach. That’s why we partnered with Hearth and Payzer. Financing is available for homeowners in a variety of circumstances. Maybe you’ve just purchased a house that needs more repairs than you realized. Perhaps medical expenses have left your credit score lower than you’d like, and traditional lenders won’t deal with you. Our financial partners makes financing possible.

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