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Avoid Autumn Woes with This Fall Roof Readiness Checklist

by | Oct 27, 2019 | Roof Inspection and Quality Control, Roof Tips

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The days are getting shorter and the outside temperatures have plunged from scorching hot to mild and even cool in the evenings. People everywhere are jumping at the chance to turn off their AC and open their windows, at least for the few weeks before the winter chill sets in. These are sure signs that fall has arrived in North Texas. Is your roof ready for the changing of the season? Make sure with this handy fall roof maintenance checklist from your friends at Springtree Restoration.

Check for Damage

The recent Dallas tornado reminded us all of the destructive power of nature as it ripped through the city and left a trail of devastation in its wake. If your house is located near the damaged areas, it’s crucial to give it a good inspection. High winds, blowing debris, and fallen tree limbs can easily knock shingles away, leaving the felt and underlayment exposed to heavy rain.

Walk across the street and take a look at your roof from ground level. Do you see damaged or missing shingles? Are there a lot of indentations from hail damage? Has the storm left piles of soggy leaves on your roof? Even if you don’t see any damage on the surface, it could be lurking deeper in your roof’s construction. Call in a professional to assess the damage.

Clear Away Tree Limbs

This applies to much more than downed tree limbs. Any fallen debris on your rooftop – leaves, twigs, and even pine needles – can eventually erode your roof’s surface and leave it damaged and vulnerable to water infiltration.

The moisture and acidity from organic debris can cause mold growth, algae growth, insect damage, and wood rot if left too long. To ward against these problems, keep your roof swept clean and trim back overgrown tree limbs and foliage.

Clean Your Gutters

Your gutters and downspouts serve a very important function: they route water away from your roof and disperse it harmlessly on the ground below. That is, if they’re clean and well-maintained. Sometimes gutters are incorrectly installed. Sometimes they take damage from storms that leave them misshapen and less effective at draining. Even simple neglect can leave them so clogged that water backs up and pools on the roof.

Check your drainage system to make sure it’s in good condition and performing its job well. If it hasn’t been cleaned in a while, make sure to clear out all the debris that’s clogging it up. You don’t want to go into the cold months with standing water on your roof.

Check the Interior

Your roofing system doesn’t stop at the exterior of your home. Your rafters, attic crawlspace, and ceilings are all a part of your roof. If you suspect that moisture has crept into your home, check all of these structures for signs of damage.

Look at your ceilings and interior walls. Do you see signs of water staining or discoloration? Is the paint beginning to bubble, bulge, or peel? Do you see or smell the presence of mildew? Check out your attic as well to make sure the wood and insulation are dry. If you see signs of leakage, call a professional.

Get a Roof Inspection

Nothing beats a professional roof inspection to put your mind at ease after severe weather or at the beginning of the fall and winter months. Never climb onto your own roof if it’s still wet and you suspect structural damage. There could be slick patches and soft spots that could send you toppling down and facing serious injuries.

Instead, call our team at Springtree Restoration to assess your roof damage. We have years of experience navigating damaged roofs, so we can do a full inspection with minimal risk to us and no risk to you! Our team is always ready and eager to help.

Springtree Restoration: Your Fall Roof Maintenance Team

A professional roof inspection from Springtree goes a long way in ensuring the safety of your roof for many months to come. Keep your family safe and warm by calling us to inspect and repair your roof before winter sets in. We serve the entire Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, so call us today!

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