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August 2019: Roofing Industry News

by | Aug 12, 2019 | industry news

roofing company allenAt Springtree Restoration, we stay on top of roofing and home restoration headlines to keep you informed about what’s going on in the industry. We also provide roof repairs and replacements, new construction, and home restoration services. Call us anytime you need service in the DFW Metroplex and nearby areas.

This August, we have lots of Texas roofing news, including a Midland fire caused by roof work; door-to-door roofing scammers; and a bill that just can’t seem to make it past the Texas State House.

The Bill That Couldn’t

Another attempt to regulate roofing contractors at the state level has been voted down. House Bill 2101 would have required roofers to register with the state for a $250 fee. Their information would have been entered into a state database, including their name, address, phone number, and disciplinary history. This would have allowed consumers to search the database and find reputable roofing contractors, but 99 representatives voted no. Only 33 voted yes.

Supporters of the bill hoped it would reduce the number of scammers who swarm to Texas following hurricanes and hail storms. Opponents had various reasons for their no votes, but most felt the bill did not provide sufficient consumer protections and put small roofing businesses at a disadvantage. For ten years, all attempts to regulate the roofing industry in this manner have been voted down.

When Roofers Come Knocking, Ask for Their Permit

One way to protect yourself against unscrupulous roofers is to ask them to present their permit when they come knocking on your door after a storm. The CBS DFW team Ones for Justice found that every city in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has codes that require door-to-door salespeople, including contractors, to have a permit. The permits typically require contact information and vehicle and insurance information. Some cities run background checks or require solicitors to have surety bonds. 

The only city that doesn’t require permits is Frisco, who suspended their rule in 2016 following a lawsuit. Any roofing contractor on the up-and-up should be acting in accordance with the law and will show you their city-issued solicitor’s permit.

Hospital Fire Started by Roof Work

Midland Memorial Hospital had to be evacuated on the morning of August 9th because of a fire on the roof of an older hospital tower. The Fire Marshal’s Office commented, “A roofing company finished their work around midnight the night of Aug. 8. Part of their roofing process was using torches to apply a hot asphalt roofing material. It appears that some combustibles were ignited by some embers that were left, resulting in a fire underneath where the roofing material was applied.” In all, 128 patients were evacuated for their own safety. Thankfully, there were no injuries.

It sounds like the roofers were applying hot asphalt roofing, which is a popular roof coating for flat roofed commercial buildings. Whoever you hire for your commercial roofing projects, make sure they always use the industry’s best practices for safety to avoid harm to the workers or to anyone at the site.

Springtree Restoration: A Name You Can Trust in Dallas-Fort Worth

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