It’s the near the end of August, so that means school is almost back in session. You might be asking yourself, “What does going back to school have to do with residential roofing?” And you might be surprised.

As students are reminded to get their minds back on track and gear up for the new semester, it’s our job to remind homeowners to get their minds back on track and schedule their annual roof inspections.

Summer is behind you – it’s time to get focused!

After a spring and summer full of severe weather here in Texas, it’s a great practice to have your residential roof system checked out by a Certified Roof Inspector. This allows property owners to have a documented record of their roof condition year after year. Now, in the event of storm related damage, property owners will have a recent reference point for their insurance carrier.

Trust us to teach you!

All of our roof inspectors are HAAG Certified. Our inspectors will be able to notice any damage that may have been the result ofhail storms, wind, or excessive rain. Especially with all these summer storms, you may have wind damage that appears minor but will cause the biggest trouble. And not all damage may be visible, either. That is why our roof inspectors are trained to spot even the slightest warning signs of trouble.

Get good grades and pass the roofing test!

Using the back-to-school season as a standard time for getting your annual roof inspection not only acts as a solid reminder, but it also makes “passing the test” super relevant. Our roof inspectors will grade you on your roof system and if anything is discovered to be of concern, the roof inspector will advise you before there is a bigger issue.

Get your roof inspected before winter comes; now is the time! Let our certified roof inspectors “take you to school” with all the information they can provide. Schedule your annual roof inspection with us today!