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Allura Siding Solutions

At Springtree Restoration, we strive to perform at our best on every job we do. Part of that endeavor is choosing the best products and materials in the industry. Storm damage can leave roofs and home exteriors battered and vulnerable to incoming water damage. One way we combat this is by using Allura fiber cement siding products.

Allura fiber cement siding is a heavy-duty mixture of sand and cement that is designed to look like wood siding with none of the burdensome upkeep. Fiber cement siding resists hail and extreme weather events like the ones we get during the spring and summer months in North Texas. If your siding has been damaged by severe weather, call Springtree today to schedule a free estimate for storm restoration services in the DFW Metroplex!

Why Choose Allura?

Allura has been a leading manufacturer of weather-resistant siding for more than 75 years. Their products hold up under the most severe weather conditions, including hail and fire. Fiber cement is resistant to extreme temperatures, insect infestation, water, impact, and wood rot. We love it for its strength and beauty, and homeowners love it because it’s so low-maintenance.

The number of styles, colors, and finishes Allura provides is very impressive. The boards come in matte painted finishes, stained finishes, and ready-to-paint varieties. They are designed to emulate the appearance of wood grain that has been sanded and prepared for painting.

Allura’s lap siding, vertical panels, shakes and soffit products come with an industry-leading 50-year transferable limited product warranty. The ColorMax clad coating comes with an additional 15-year warranty. Allura constantly tests their products to look for ways to improve them, a practice we support because it produces stronger, longer-lasting siding solutions.

Allura Siding Products

Allura makes sidings for residential, commercial, multi-family, and mixed-use buildings. They come in a wide range of colors, and you can even choose bare boards and paint them any color you wish. Here are some of Allura’s most popular products:

Lap Siding

This traditional lap siding comes in traditional and smooth finishes. They have a premium matte surface that resembles sanded and painted wood. Traditional lap comes in 25 classic colors and stains, while smooth lap comes in 15 colors and pre-primed, ready-to-paint varieties.

Plycem Trim

Plycem trim looks like wood, but resists wood rot and insects. The sheets are reversible, with one side being smooth and the other textured like wood-grain. You can use them to create interesting contrast on your home’s exterior.


These hand-hewn cedar look-alikes bring all the warmth and beauty of wood with the strength and durability of fiber cement shingles. They come in straight edge, staggered edge, half-rounds, octagons, and individual staggered and straight-edge shakes for the most authentic look.


Allura’s architectural panels are designed to cover large spaces with the beauty of stucco, vertical panels, and modern no-groove panels for a seamless aesthetic.


These soffit covers come in vented and non-vented styles. They can be smooth or look like traditional wood. Like Allura’s other siding products, they will not warp, split, or take damage from water or moisture, making them a superior wood alternative.

Allura’s siding products are tough, good-looking, and a breeze to maintain. They are rated Class A for fire-resistance, and their extensive testing has found them able to withstand hurricane-strength winds. That’s very impressive, especially here in North Texas, at the southern tip of Tornado Alley. With Allura siding in place, you can expect your home to repel water and take little to no damage from hail and high winds. That durability is one of the reasons we choose Allura for our storm restoration projects.

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Springtree Restoration: Your Allura Premium Siding Experts

Springtree Restoration only works with the best products and materials in the business to give our customers results they can count on. We excel in roofing and home exterior restoration, and we provide free estimates. You are welcome to call us anytime to find out more about our workmanship, customer service, and preferred products.

Does your North Texas home need new siding? Put the talented team at Springtree Restoration on the job! We are DFW’s most trusted name in roof repair and storm damage restoration, and we look forward to making your home whole again!

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