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7 Reasons Why Your Gutters are Overflowing

by Jun 11, 2019Roof Tips0 comments

Have you ever looked outside during a rainstorm and noticed water pouring out of your gutters in places you didn’t expect? Clear water running out of the side of your gutter system is a sure sign of an overflow. This is not an uncommon problem, but it is one that requires attention. Overflowing gutters can lead to leaky roofs, mildew and water damage on your walls, and even problems with your foundation.

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Let’s look at the seven most common culprits behind overflowing gutters:

1). Insufficient Gutters

To keep water flowing smoothly away from your house, you need gutters that are up to the task. If you’ve purchased a home with gutters that are too small or too short, they could overflow much too easily when it rains. Hire a professional crew like Springtree Restoration to come inspect your gutters and upgrade them as needed.


2). Gutter Tilt and Pitch

Sometimes gutter position is the problem. Gutters that tilt too far outward toward your yard will just spill water everywhere. If your gutters aren’t sloped enough toward the downspout, they could overflow before all the water gets drained. Either problem can be fixed by repositioning or replacing the gutters.


3). Clogged Downspout

The downspout is a very important part of your gutter system. Because of its vertical nature, it can frequently get clogged by leaves and other debris that flow down from your gutters. If your downspout is getting clogged very often, you might need to clean it out more regularly or have a larger one installed.


4). Heavy Rain

This past spring brought a lot of heavy rainfall to North Texas, and plenty of homeowners found that their gutters couldn’t stand up to it. If your gutters tend to overflow when it rains, you might want to consider having heavier-duty gutters installed.


5). Lack of Maintenance

Gutters should be cleaned twice a year, or once in the fall at the very least, to keep fallen leaves and other debris from clogging them up and causing them to overflow. If they go too long without a cleaning, you could be left with a real mess on your hands – and water damage on your roof and walls.


6). Too Many Leaves

If your house is surrounded by trees, you know all too well how many leaves they shed each year. Leaves are one of the major causes of clogged gutters. They accumulate on the rooftop and wash down into the gutters when it rains, where they can potentially become a problem. Having your trees trimmed back so that they don’t overhang your roof can minimize this issue.


7). Birds and Vegetation

Sometimes gutters stay full of dirt and fallen leaves for so long that plants start to grow in the decomposing matter. Birds also like to bring more twigs into the gutters to build nests. If your gutters have become a natural habitat, it’s time for a cleaning stat!


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