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5 Ways to Weatherproof Your Doors and Windows

by Jul 22, 2019Windows0 comments

roofing dallasDid you know that gaps in your doors and windows can cause your home to lose as much as 25% of its warm or cold air? That’s your comfort – not to mention your money – literally flying out the window! You can prevent this waste of energy by taking some steps to weatherproof your home. It’s best to take these steps sooner rather than later; drafty doors and windows can increase your energy bills and put a heavy strain on your HVAC system.

If the following steps aren’t enough, call Springtree Restoration to come and inspect your weatherproofing. We will come to your home or business and make sure everything is sealed tight against the Texas summer heat and winter cold snaps. We are a full-service construction company that can fix anything you need us to. Our team is highly skilled and trusted in the community. You can call us any time for a free estimate!

Weatherproofing Your Home

The best weatherproofing strategies take a multi-faceted approach by sealing your doors and windows, blocking out the outside temperatures, and fortifying your home against extreme weather conditions. Here are some things you can do yourself to give your home more resistance against the elements.

Re-Seal the Gaps

If you feel a draft coming through your door or window, there’s a gap somewhere in the structure that needs to be sealed. Gaps can be hard to spot without a little help. One way to find where the draft is coming from is to hold up some single-ply tissue or other very light material and move it around in front of the door or window. When it starts to wave, you’ve located the draft and the gap. Another way is to have someone outside your home shine a flashlight around the edges of the door or window until you see light coming through the gap. Then you know where re-sealing is needed.

Upgrade Materials

Look for doors and windows with an Energy Star rating. They are made from materials that provide extra protection against the outside air and reduce the demand on your HVAC unit as a result. This provides more comfort for you and your family and a reduction in your energy bills.

Install Drapes

Seasonal drapes are one of the simplest and most affordable DIY solutions. In the old days, it was common for families to have sheer drapes covering their windows in the summer and heavy drapes in the winter. In Texas, heavy drapes can be used year-round to block out the sun’s rays and insulate the inside of your home. The right drapes can keep your home several degrees cooler than normal even if you don’t use any other weatherproofing strategy.

Shutters and Storm Doors

Heat and cold aren’t the only weather concerns in North Texas. During storm season, high winds can whip through the area and leave broken glass and devastation in their wake. Shutters and storm doors are a good way to protect your doors and windows from violent windstorms, hail and tornadoes.

Call a Professional Like Springtree Restoration

A professional home repair company will be able to assess your home’s weatherproofing, find problem areas, and recommend improvements. When you call Springtree Restoration, our team gets to work right away. We come to your home or business, provide a free inspection, and present you with a no-obligation, written estimate for the services we recommend. Our professionals understand that you have many choices when it comes to home repair and weatherproofing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, so we work hard to earn your business. Call us today!

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