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5 Ways to Tell if Your Roof is Too Old

by | Sep 3, 2019 | Roof Tips

roof repair dallasHaving a reliable roof to sleep under is a vital part of feeling safe and secure as a homeowner, or as someone who is looking to move into a new house. At the same time, getting an accurate estimate about the condition and age of a roof can sometimes be a real challenge. While available records and documents can tell you the last time work was done, and what was replaced or repaired, this information may not tell the whole story. 

There are still certain things you can look out for that might be warning signs about the condition of a roof. Our team here at Springtree Restoration understands the importance of being able to sleep comfortably under a stable, secure roof, and we’ve put together a list of a few important things to watch out for.

Here are five ways to tell if your roof is too old.

1). Determine the Actual Age of Your Roof

Most experts would agree that a standard asphalt shingle roof will last anywhere from 20 to 25 years on average. There can be other factors that contribute such as whether or not the old roof was removed, or if the roof itself has proper ventilation. If a new roof was installed on top of another, older layer, and if it has been 20 years since this was last done, then it is a safe bet that the home needs a new roof.

2). The Shingles are Curled or Warped

Even without climbing up onto the roof for a close inspection, it is typically very easy to notice if there are shingles that are curling or warping on the surface of a roof. It is always a good idea to pay attention to the slopes of the roof, especially those that are normally exposed to direct sunlight. 

If you are seeing the edges of shingles turn upwards, or if you see other deformities including the loss of granules along the surface of the shingles, this is an important warning sign about the condition of your home. This type of curling and warping is an indicator that the roof will soon be experiencing other problems including leaks, or other damage to the areas beneath the surface.

3). There are Bald Spots

It is a good practice to regularly check on the condition of your roof, especially one with shingles, after a heavy storm. Strong winds and rain can sometimes cause shingles to come loose, and this will quickly lead to escalating complications for the roof as well as other parts of your home. Missing shingles can also be a sign that the underpinnings are reaching the end of their lifespan, and a clear indicator that the roof will need to be replaced soon. 

Another important thing to consider if you are seeing this type of problem on your roof is that if the attic or other areas directly beneath the roof are not properly ventilated, then a buildup of heat may be actively contributing to this loss of protection. Making sure that the areas beneath your roof are properly ventilated can be an important part of protecting your home.

4). Dark Spots are Visible on Ceiling or Leaks are Starting

One of the most frustrating things to encounter in a home is a sudden leak that can start dripping water down into one or more rooms. If not contained quickly, this type of problem can cause damage to belongings as well as the overall structure of a house. Even if there is not an active leak occurring though, the presence of dark or yellowed circles on the ceiling of a room, especially on the top floor, is a clear sign of problems with the roof. Signs of water damage on the ceiling including warped paint, stains, and active leaks are all indicators that the roof is not working as intended. 

5). The Shape of the Roof is Sunken or Warped

If your roof has started to lose its shape, and if the surface seems to be curving, or sinking into the house, then this is a serious problem. This change of shape is a warning sign that the structures beneath the surface of the roof are at risk. This type of problem is something that is should be taken care of as quickly as possible because any delays can lead to even more damage to the roof or even the home beneath. If you are noticing a depression or other type of sagging in the shape of your roof, then it is time to take action because the problem will only continue to get worse.

Springtree Restoration: Your Roofing Experts

Still not sure if your roof is too old? No problem! Call Springtree Restoration today and we will be more than happy to provide a roof inspection to put your mind at ease. 

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